Wonder Bar, 1934

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There’s a Satanic Coloring Book for Kids - more pics.

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When I walk into a church, I only see paintings of white angels. Why?- Eartha Kitt 

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Emma Sulkowicz is on the cover of this month’s New York Magazine and that is the coolest thing wow

DUUUUDE this is a huge fucking deal honestly

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I Was Ready To Be Offended By This ‘Ray Rice Makeup Tutorial,’ Until She Put On Her Foundation

The footage of former Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancée in the face started a much-needed conversation about domestic violence. This comedian took a completely different approach with a “Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial” that could’ve gone so incredibly wrong but instead gets it so so right.

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Saw this today on facebook and thought I might share. Since this is how I think about forms and shapes. You can use this for full rendering as same as shading with a pencil.

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Aerie’s Johnlock Fic Rec List (Warning: A Lot of Smut and Porn)

((This is a work in progress, I’ll probably add to it when I read more. Sorry it’s so long, and I didn’t want to put it under a cut.))

Alone On The Water
Length: 8,400 words
Plot: Sherlock is dying. John joins him in his last weeks, days, hours, stays with him until he dies. TW for Character Death

Fa Subito
Rating: Explicit
Length: 6,650
Plot: John wears a suit to Mycrofts dinner party. Sherlock is extremely distracted and sexiness (and cockblocking) ensues. Lots of suit porn and flustered Sherlock.

Let You Kiss Me (So Soft and Sweet)
Rating: G
Length: 4,600
Plot: A series of times John and Sherlock kiss. And John doesn’t think much of it… Yet.

The Importance of Eating Meals
Rating: Teen+
Length: 4,600
Plot: In an attempt to make him eat more, John makes Sherlock text him what he has for meals. After a while, their texts become a regular thing and a game. And maybe something more develops.

Yes and No
Rating: Explicit
Length: 5,000 
Plot: Sherlock dresses like a woman for a case. John is amazed and strangely turned on. Sexy sex ensues. Crossdressing porn and hot John.

I Prefer to Text(MUST READ)
Rating: Teen+
Length: 8,500
Plot: After the building explodes at the pool with Moriarty, John is hospitalized and Sherlocks only contact is to text him. They grow closer over texting. Vulnerable Sherlock.

Rating: Teen+, Kinda Explicit
Length: 2,800
Plot: John is perfectly okay until Sherlock starts beginning to ruin it, and John has to make him stop, because he likes what they have. But what if Sherlock doesn’t stop?

To Quote Malcolm Tucker; Get the Fuck In or Fuck the Fuck Off
Rating: Teen+
Length: 8,500
Plot: Sherlock is a tease and John is extremely pissed off. But they’ll figure it out.

And Stand There at the Edge of my Affection
Rating: G
Length: 2,700
Plot: Sherlock questions John about how to write a love letter, and John is upset and jealous of whoever Sherlock is writing it to.

For Science
Rating: Explicit
Length: 3,500
Plot: Sherlock needs to find out if someone can come just from being penetrated. For a case, of course. And John is happy to help.

Rating: Explicit
Length: 3,850
Plot: John helps Sherlock with an Orgasm Denial experiment for science. Despite the roughness, John is determined to help Sherlock and be gentle with him.

Fragile and Precious Things
Rating: Teen+
Length: 2,100
Plot: Sherlock is touching Johns body, and it’s erotic. Cute and erotic, considering no sex happens.

Applied Linguistics
Rating: Teen+
Length: 4,800
Plot: Sherlock never wants John to leave. He wants to have him forever, Marry him. But first he needs to find the right words. Domestic Johnlock.

Traffic Lights for the Colour Blind
Rating: Teen+
Length: 9,300
Plot: John doesn’t miss the war. He misses something else. Being on the edge of death. He’s suicidal, and Sherlock knows it. This is the story of their adventures, and Johns death wish, and Sherlocks love.
TW for suicidal thoughts, and a happy ending.

Water is Another Matter
Rating: Teen+
Length: 3,700
Plot: John is sick. Sherlock feels responsible, so he nurses him back to health. And somehow they fall in love.

Skewed Data
Rating: Teen+
Length: 1,000
Plot: John accidentally touches Sherlock. And keeps touching Sherlock. And they must both be insane. Short, touch porn.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Rating: Teen+
Length: 3,600
Plot: It’s cold in the apartment. Body heat sharing ensues and some complications will arise if they keep doing this. (first part in a series I recommend, though this can stand on its own)

Hours Before Midnight
Rating: Teen+
Length: 1,500
Plot: Post-Reichenbach. John struggles with Sherlocks death in the aftermath. But it’s not really over, right?

Rating: Teen+
Length: 8,5000
Plot: Post-Reichenbach. Sherlock returns home, and maybe he’s expecting everything to be the same. But it isn’t. They aren’t friends like they once were, John won’t work with him, and Sherlock is scared it will never be the same. But he will try to heal this.

House Rules
Rating: Explicit
Length: 4,900
Plot: John and Sherlock need to talk about the rules of the house. Which is all the excuse they need to torment each other in wonderful ways.

26 Pieces(MUST READ)
Rating: Explicit
Words: 28,200
Plot: Mycroft gives Sherlock a puzzle to solve. But what Mycroft doesn’t tell Sherlock is how dangerous it really is. TW for Torture and SexualViolence. 

Rating: Explicit
Length: 3,800
Plot: Lots of sex and orgasm denial submissive!Sherlock and Master!John. 

Rating: Teen+ to Explicit
Length: 60,000+ (multiple chapters)
Plot: AU. In a world where you’re either a Sub or a Dom, and Subs are captured and assigned a Dom to control them, John is a Sub in hiding using his unusual power of blending in. He doesn’t want to be attached to anyone and have anyone control him. But when Detective Sherlock Holmes is sent to track him down, it might all be downhill.

A Quiet Murmuration
Rating: Teen+
Length: 4,600
Plot: Sherlock is reckless and John is pissed. Sherlock agrees to pay John back for his worries in… kisses. A thousand, to be exact.

Gone So Long (oops better push my own fic)
Rating: Teen+ to Explicit
Length: 44,000 (multiple chapters)
Plot: Post-Reichenbach. Sherlock returns, and every feeling that was left unresolved will be discovered between himself and John, while he decides how to make his comeback in the world and face new foes.

The Syntax of Things(MUST READ)
Rating: Explicit
Length: 19,200
Plot: AU. Sherlock is a FTM Transman. When he looks at John, he feel whole inside. But Sherlock can’t hide his secret from John forever, and he just wants to be loved. TW for Trans* issues. 

A Cure For Boredom (MUST READ)
Rating: Explicit
Length: 81,700 (multiple chapters)
Plot: John has become an experiment for Sherlock. Sherlock wants to crack John open and see his every sexual desire. That includes taking him to sex clubs and watching John as women and men do things to him. Meanwhile though, all John wants is Sherlock all to himself. TW for a lot of weird, kinky, sex and Polyamourism

Rating: Teen+
Length: 4,200
Plot: John used to doodle. No, not doodle. Draw, very well. And Sherlock has found out. Fluff ensues. 

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